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“Ride the roller coaster of funny.”



Paul Norrish is a professional hypnotist from Toronto who brings whim and wit to the stage as he unleashes the imaginations of his volunteers. With a background in theatre and an education in psychology, Paul combines both worlds by using hypnosis to demonstrate the power of our minds, on stage; with extremely hilarious results.

“A captivating display of comedic splendor!”

Take A Trance…


A hypnosis show is an unparalleled experience that combines both humour and surprise for an unforgettable night of entertainment. The stars of the show are volunteers from the audience, so you never really know what will happen next; the results are often shocking and hysterical at the same time! Join hypnotist Paul Norrish live and witness the true power of your mind. This is your opportunity to take a trance and experience spontaneous fits of irresistible laughter. So, bring your friends and reserve your spot today!

Real Hypnosis


While in hypnosis, suggestions become increasingly more vivid and real to the volunteers. It’s as if you begin to imagine what is being suggested to you automatically. Although being hypnotized is a powerful experience, you will not get ‘stuck’ or be left in a hypnotic state. Volunteers will also never be asked to reveal any deep, dark, hidden secrets, or do anything that goes against their deepest held beliefs or values. Most importantly, It feels good to be hypnotized – so go ahead and get hypnotized!!

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